“What do you want a meaning for? Life is a desire, not a meaning”  Charlie Chaplin


The elusive search for significance can seem overwhelming at times. From starting a family to feeling valued at work, finding a definitive list of meaningful moments will always be affected by our individual criteria.

Without delving too far in to the philosophical arena, considering how we define a significant moment makes for an interesting exercise. Apart from the obvious ones such as weddings, funerals, childbirths, etc… we each have notable memories which can seem trivial to a stranger. For some, perhaps it depends on an individual action. For others, perhaps it depends on the culmination of a series of events. Whichever way we look at it, appreciating that we all have various significance parameters can help minimise the risk of upsetting someone who is treasuring a moment we view as unimportant. This could also help us appreciate certain moments which we previously ignored!

Conversely, how often do we find ourselves dwelling on insignificant moments? Perhaps hoping to find some meaning behind our state, it is easy to over analyse a moment which a third party would view as irrelevant. However, as we do not always heed their advice, nor are they always available, it is worth attempting to identify any recurring patterns which may prevent us from moving on to something more fun and productive.

Moreover, if you were to cast your mind back to all of the people you have met, which ones stand out? Who left an imprint on you? From the way someone can make us feel to the way they project themselves, there are several ways which affect how and why we remember certain interactions. Furthermore, from the banal to the complex, each exchange has the potential to affect how we act thereafter. Think of the last person you met who inspired you and compare this to meeting someone who left you feeling deflated. As we are also prone to imparting a good or bad impression, considering how we want to be received in a particular situation could help us achieve our preferred outcome. Alternatively, we could let our mood and instinct guide us and see where the road takes us.


“Man – a being in search of meaning” Plato