“I’m not trying to be sexy, it's just my way of expressing myself when I move around.”

Elvis Presley


Not all of us are blessed with the natural rhythm and style that Elvis displayed when performing on stage. However, embracing movement and the benefits it reaps can be a highly rewarding part of life, whichever kind of movement it may be.

Anatomically speaking, movement helps joints and fascia move smoothly through their actions. Fascia is a connective tissue which encloses and separates all of our muscles. When we do not move, it can stiffen and we are more likely to feel pain. As fascia is connected through the entire body, tension in one part of the body can cause stiffness in unexpected areas. In fact, even sitting down for long periods can cause damage which physical activity cannot undo. *

If you struggle to think of one which appeals, simply think of something you enjoy doing and perhaps movement can be incorporated into one aspect of it. For example, if painting takes your fancy, perhaps taking a walk would help you find new inspiration. Evidently there are certain movements which should be avoided or minimised due to injury history or postural difficulties. Beyond these restrictions, however, any and all movement will help with both mental and physical wellbeing. **

As technology continues to provide easy ways of getting from A to B, sedentary lifestyles are becoming more common. From the elevator and escalators to Segways and hoverboards, it is easy to minimise something as fundamental as walking. Add to this the increased time we spend sat watching screens at work and at home and it is clear that we are all moving less than we used to. However, there are two sides to the technology coin and certain gadgets can also help! Pedometers, Fitbits and health tracking apps can remind us to move when we have been sat down for too long or if we have not reached a set target for the day.

Ultimately, instead of focusing on a physical target such as taking ten thousand steps a day or exercising three times a week, it is more important to find a movement which we enjoy. Personally, I have found this to be walking through London taking photographs but it could be anything from yoga to darts! Perhaps then the relevant question is in fact:


What moves you?



* Sedentary lifestyle risks

** Benefits of movement